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Tampa Senior Placement
Angelina Valdes

Serving Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg,
and greater Hillsborough and Hamilton counties;
Also serving greater Jacksonville, Tallahassee, and north Florida


Hi, I'm Angelina, and my team and I help seniors and their families find the living situation that best meets their needs.


What we do

Figuring out the best and most appropriate solution to senior care housing is often a difficult process.

Leaving your home is emotionally difficult, and you and your family will have many questions about what the best fit is for your individual situation.

My team and I help you and your family navigate an often confusing process with a structured scorecard approach, combined with a deep knowledge of Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg , and greater Hamilton and Hillsborough counties; Jacksonville; Tallahassee; and the surrounding north and central Florida area facilities. All at no cost to you.

My experience is that having a guide lessens the anxiety as you move into your new home.

Call or text me at 832-679-0237 or email me at, and I’ll get you started.

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